Three Phases... Two Hearts
One Passion
15 to 18 November 2018

Qantas Cross Country Day


Determination, courage and trust!

Matt Gaske - Capoeira

Photo credit : Julie Paul

The Cross Country is the most exhilarating discipline of the three day event, requiring determination, courage and unfailing trust between horse and rider to clear one imposing obstacle after another during this long and gruelling phase.

2017 Virtual Course Walks

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Four Star guided course walk 

With Olympic Medalist Sam Griffiths and Course Designer Mike Etherington-Smith.

Three Star Course Walk

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Two Star Course Walk

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Comprising over 60 individually designed, handcrafted obstacles set on a 7000 metre irrigated track, the course winds its way from the Main Arena in front of the Adelaide City Council Heritage Grandstand in Victoria Park, through the trees, creeks and lakes of the beautiful Adelaide East Parklands and offers spectators the ultimate equestrian viewing experience through three parks, to the Qantas Welcome Home horseshoe back in Victoria Park main arena.

While riders have the chance to inspect the course in advance, the horses enjoy no such luxury – to successfully navigate these challenges, each will have to rely on their experience, creativity and courage, and above all their trust in one another, to get home safely within the given time limit.

In 2017 we welcome again Welcome Mike Etherington – Smith as the Australian International 3 Day Event Course Designer. Mike Designed the  2000 Sydney Olympic Games, 2008 Bejing Olympic Games and 2010 Kentucky World Equestrian Games Course Designer.

Qantas Cross Country Day – through the FEI water in Rymill Park Photo credit: Stephen Mowbray Photos