Three Phases... Two Hearts
One Passion
16 to 19 November 2017

Spectator’s Guide

We hope the following information will assist you in planning your stay in Adelaide for the Australian International 3 Day Event and also help you have a safe and enjoyable experience with us.

If you would like to download the road closures and areas around Victoria Park that will be closed for the event, please click here.

Horse sports can be dangerous, so please observe all signage and follow safety instructions provided by officials.

Parking and Road Closures

Parking and Road Closures Parking There are a number of UPark car parks in the CBD close to the event site, including Rundle Street, North Terrace and Frome Street. For more information about parking, and to see live availability of parking bays visit UPark on Pirie/Flinders $17 Early Bird (Mon-Fri) $7 Flat rate after 6pm Monday – Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday Casual Parking from $6.00 for 1hour UPark on Frome Street  Open 24 hours $15 Early Bird (Mon-Sat) $7 Flat rate Sunday midnight -midnight UPark on Rundle Street – 2 minute walk to Rundle Mall $7 Flat rate after 6pm Monday-Thursday and Saturday, and all day Sunday Casual Parking from $5.00 for 1 hr Early Bird Parking (Mon-Sat) $14 UPark on Rundle Street also has a number of exclusive online parking deals including: $7 Extended nights $7 Overnight Parking $6 Sunday Parking $13 Early Bird Parking (Mon-Sat) $17 Extended Early Bird Parking (Mon-Sat) You can book online and save time at UBook@UPark For more information on online bookings, UPark locations and opening hours, visit Road Closures The Qantas cross country phase of the 2016 Australian International 3 Day spreads across three of Adelaide’s famous parklands, necessitating the closure of some of roads to ensure a safe competition for both horses and spectators. On Saturday 4th November, both Wakefield and Bartels Roads will be closed on from 5am to 10pm....

Disabled Access

Disabled Access The organisers of the 2015 Australian International 3 Day Event are committed to providing disabled access to the event site for all three phases of the competition. For more information about disabled access, please contact the Operations...

Free Bus Service

Free City Connector Bus service The FREE City Connector bus offers a hop-on and hop-off service linking AI3DE venues to City and North Adelaide destinations. Stops are located close to the East Park Lands (East Terrace/Rundle Road and along Hutt Street).  Bus routes 98A and 98C connect North Adelaide with the city, while routes 99A and 99C connect the inner-city areas. Services operate every 15 minutes on weekdays and 30 minutes on weekends. For timetables, route details and real-time information...

Getting There

Getting there Held in Adelaide’s spectacular city parklands, the Australian International 3 Day Event is very accessible and within walking distance from Adelaide’s CBD. If you choose to drive, please see the information below on parking and road closures, as there is very little public parking at the event site itself. Public transport in and around the city and suburbs includes buses, trains and trams – details and timetables are available on the Adelaide Metro website. Below you will also find a number of options for disabled viewing to assist you to enjoy the three days of competition. This year, the heart of the event will once again be the main arena in Victoria Park, right in front of the newly renovated Adelaide City Council Grandstand. On Thursday 19, Friday 20 and Sunday 22 November, the main entrance and box office will be on Fullarton Road, near the corner of Fullarton Road and Wakefield Street.
On the Qantas Cross Country Day, Saturday 20 November, the main Fullarton Road entrance and box office will be supplemented by additional box offices positioned on East Terrace, just down from Bartels Road, and on the corner of Bartels Road and Dequetteville...

Guide to Eventing

A dummies guide to… Dressage: The word “Dressage” is French for “training”. It is considered the classical foundation for all Equestrian training. Dressage tests the ability of horse and rider to display both athletic prowess and supreme elegance. It is often compared to ballet. Dressage requires precision, technical excellence and harmony between horse and rider. The Basics: In modern eventing Dressage competitions, the horse and rider perform a set series of movements known as a Dressage “test”. The tests are performed in a 60m x 20m arena before a panel of seven judges, who award marks out of 10 for individual movements and for the overall routine. Below is a 60m x20m dressage arena. The horses and riders enter at A. The letters mark where the “movements” must be performed. Riders must memorise the test. A Grand Prix test consists of 33 movements. Dressage fills the first two days of competition in eventing. Each horse and rider performs a dressage test in front of a panel of judges. The judges’ scores are converted into penalty points, which are carried forward to the next stage of the competition, the cross-country. Cross Country: The Cross country phase of eventing  is an endurance test. The object of the endurance test is to prove the speed, endurance and jumping ability of the true cross-country horse. At the same time, it demonstrates the rider’s knowledge of pace and the use of this horse across country. The cross-country test occurs on day three of the competition, and is where combinations must gallop (at a speed of 570 metres per minute) and jump up to 45 fixed...



Please direct all Sponsor, Overseas Competitor, Official, Visitor  enquiries to:

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