Three Phases... Two Hearts
One Passion
15 to 18 November 2018

What is the MMAus3de ?

 2018 Site Plan and Location

The Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event is located in the East Parklands of the City of Adelaide.

The Dressage and Showjumping and start and finish of cross country is located on the Main Arena in front of the City of Adelaide Grandstand in Victoria Park – corner of Fullarton Road and Wakefield Road.

The box office and main entry is at Gate 1 Fullarton Road there are other entrances as per the map below.

On Saturday the 17th November, there will also be box offices for ticket purchase at Gate 2 – Corner Bartels Rd and Dequetteville tce  and Gate 3 East Terrace near the corner of Bartels Rd.

The main Marketplace shopping village is located in Victoria Park adjacent to the grandstand with a satellite Shopping Village in Rymill Park near the gate 3 entrance  corner of East Tce and Bartels Rd on Saturday 18th November.

Click here to download the course map.

What is the MMAus3de ?

The Equestrian 3 Day Event – commonly known as ‘Eventing’ is the triathlon of Horse Sport comprising the 3 phases of Dressage, Cross Country and Showjumping over 3 days on the same horse.

Held annually in November, the Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event (Aus3de) is Australia’s premier equestrian competition.

It is the only CCI four star event held in Australia, the only one held in the Southern Hemisphere and one of only six held across the world. For the past twelve years, Adelaide has been the chosen host city of this Hallmark Equestrian event.

In 2011, the Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event became a part of the World Wide ‘Pro Tour’of Eventing – the  FEI Classics Series.

The 2017 Adelaide event will also have the biggest prize pool in the Southern Hemisphere with over $150,000 up for grabs!

The MMAus3de proudly takes its place alongside the other great international four star events, the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event in the United States in April, Badminton Horse Trials in England in May,Luhmuhlen in Germany in June, Burghley Horse Trials back in the UK in September and Pau in France in October.

The Adelaide event however is unique in the world, being the only one staged in the heart of a vibrant  city centre, taking place in Adelaide’s  picturesque  East  Parklands.

 13-AI3DE-Candid-1859           low res Signage and Marketplace            low res giddy up XC Day Food vans Rymill Lake


The Adelaide International Horse Trials was born in 1997 to replace the Gawler Horse Trials that had been staged at Gawler, north of Adelaide, since 1954.

The new event debuted in Adelaide’s East Parklands with a Three Star rating but was subsequently upgraded to a Four Star rating in 2002 to become the only event of this calibre in the Southern Hemisphere.

The competition was relaunched and renamed the Australian International 3 Day Event (aus3de) t in 2007 to celebrate the events tenth anniversary and better reflect the international focus of the competition. In 2011 the Aus3de became a part of the World ‘Pro Tour of eventing the FEI Classics Series .

In 2017 the event was renamed the Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event to reflect the fanstanstic sponsorship from Mitsubishi Motors.

The MMAus3de is owned, managed and marketed by the Not for Profit Board of Adelaide Horse Trials Management Inc comprising equestrian greats, professional business directors and media advisers.

The Event Director is the internationally renowned dual Olympic Gold Medalist, and FEI committee member, Mrs Gillian Rolton who is ably supported by a huge number of enthusiasts and volunteers to produce this World Class Event in the centre of Adelaide!

2017 Adelaide Horse Trials Management Inc           

Board of Directors

Chairman            Ms Felicity-Anne Lewis

Event Director   Mrs Gillian Rolton OAM

Board Members

Hon Karlene Maywald

Councillor Natasha Malani

Mr Josh Wellbourn

Ms Carolin Plewa

Mr Matt Clemow

Ms Karen Raffen

Hon Treasurer

Ms Marilyn Tragilgas

Mitsubishi Motors MMAustralian International 3 Day Event

Organising Committee

Event Director
Belinda Lindh

Operations Manager
Big Screen Video – Saul Heffernan

Marketing Manager
Nicole Swain

Admin and Marketing Assistant
Lauren Roberts

Market Place Manager
Carol Neller

Emergency Response and OH&S
Denis Edmonds

Sport Committee
Caroline Jones

Brenton Wilkinson

Volunteer Manager
Christine Webb

MMAUS 3DE Sport Committee

Competition Secretary
Andrea Goddard and Karen Rose – Eventing
Tess Fairweather – Jumping

Caroline Jones

Emergency Response
Denis Edmonds

Dressage Coordinator
Judy Whyntie

Cross Country Coordinator
Robin Hammond

Cross Country Control
David Permasil

Jump Judge Coordinator
Michelle Tink

Showjumping Coordinators
Tess Fairweather nd Bec Puro

Vet Coordinators
Andrew Hunt
Rachel Westcott

Horse Reception
Paulene Cudmore

Chief Medical Officer
Vince Roche

Timing /Scoring
George Priomos
Robert Schaeffer
Lynne Brown

Michael Clark

Arena Wrangler and Presentations
Ash Copping

Sector Controller
Des Hughes

 Trotup officials

2017 Officials


Course Designer
Mike Etherington – Smith (GBR)

Assistant Course Designer
Sylvia Roberts

President Ground Jury
Christian Landoldt (SUI)

Gretchen Butts (USA)
Sue Baxter (GBR)

TD CCI4* / CIC3*
Martin Plewa (GER)


Course designer
Michael Etherington Smith (GBR)

Assistant Course Designer
Mick Pineo (AUS)

President Ground Jury
Christian Landoldt

Gretchen Butts
Sue Baxter

TD CCI2* assistant CCI4*
Roger Kane (AUS)

CIC3* assistant TD
Tracey Leigh (AUS)

Chief Steward
Chris Wallis (AUS)

Stewarding Team
Caroline Jones (AUS)
Lindy Young (AUS)
Shylie McFetridge (AUS)
Bronwyn Gilliot (AUS)
Penny Dodd (AUS)

Showjumping CD
John Valance (AUS)

Showjumping Judge
Susan Ryan (AUS)







Past Results

Honour Roll CCI ****

The Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event has been conducted in the City of Adelaide since 1997 (formerly a CCI*** event held at Gawler). The Event has been at CCI4* level since 2000.

  • 2017 Clarke Johnstone NZ – Balmoral Sensation
  • 2016 Hazel Shannon AUS – Clifford
  • 2015 Shane Rose AUS – CP Qualified
  • 2014 Jessica Manson AUS – Legal Star
  • 2013 Chris Burton AUS – TS Jaimimo
  • 2012 Craig Barrett AUS – Sandhills Brillaire
  • 2011 Stuart Tinney AUS – Panamera
  • 2010 Wendy Schaeffer AUS – Koyuna Sun Dancer
  • 2009 Stuart Tinney AUS – Vettori
  • 2008 Chris Burton AUS – Newsprint
  • 2007 cancelled due to Equine Influenza outbreak around Australia
  • 2006 Heath Ryan AUS – Flame
  • 2005 Megan Jones AUS – Kirby Park Irish Jester
  • 2004 Shane Rose AUS – Beauford Miss Dior
  • 2003 Boyd Martin AUS – True Blue Toozac
  • 2002 Wendy Schaeffer AUS – Koyuna Sun-Glo
  • 2001 Matthew Grayling NZ – Revo
  • 2000 David Middleton AUS – Willowbank Jack
  • 1999 Natalie Blundell AUS – Billy Bathgate
  • 1998 Peter Haynes AUS – Alcheringa (CCI***)
  • 1997 Nick Larkin NZ – Red (CCI***)

Levels of Competition

There are four international levels recognised in the sport. One Star (Novice), Two Star (Intermediate), Three Star (Advanced) and the very top, Four Star.

The Olympic Games and the World Equestrian Games, each held every four years are  Four Star level.

Adelaide is the only city in the Southern Hemisphere to host a four-star event. The other 4* events which make up the FEI Classics Series  are held in Kentucky, USA; Badminton and Burghley, UK, Luhmühlen, Germany and Pau in France.

Event Location

Based in Victoria Park corner of Fullarton Road and Wakefield Street. The Fullarton Road Gate 1 Entrance will be open from Thursday which is free to the public and tickets will be available for Friday Saturday and Sunday from the Ticketek Ticket Box .

Prydes EasiFeed Dressage and Showjumping on the main arena in front of the Adelaide City Council Heritage Grandstand

Qantas Cross country Starts and finishes on the main arena and winds its way to Rymill Park where competitors negotiate the Rymill Park Lake twice.

On Qantas Cross Country Day, tickets will be available from gate 1 Fullarton road, gate 2  Dequetteville Terrace/Bartels Road corner and gate 3 East Terrace near Bartels Rd corner ticket boxes.

The Marketplace Shopping village is located adjacent to the grandstand in Victoria Park all days of the event and we have a satellite village on Qantas Cross Country Day (Saturday) at the gate 3 ticket Box  entrance, on East Terrace near the Bartels Rd Corner.