Australia's Premier Equestrian Event
18 to 21 November 2021

The Countdown til Adelaide!

The Countdown til Adelaide!

Well it’s been another busy month at Tinney Eventing! But so far everything has been running very smoothly in the lead up to Adelaide! There’s less then 5 weeks before we pack up the truck and head down with 4 horses. I have mainly been training at home with Dad, whenever I jump it’s always with him, however he has just gone away for 3 weeks overseas so I will now start to get some help with mum. I’ve also been having some dressage lessons with my non family coach Daniella Deirks. We start galloping with horses next week! So getting pretty serious now!

There’s only been 1 event this month which was amazing!! I had 3 in the top classes, Diabolo in his first 4*…! I know what you’re thinking “why is he in the 4* when I’m planning on taking him 3* at Adelaide?” Well after his win at SIEC Spring Eventing I thought what’s the point running him around 3* till Adelaide when he finds them easy? But to step it up a notch at Canberra to get him really ready for whatever is thrown at us at Adelaide 3*! I am over the moon on how he went! Clear in both jumping phases! Wow so excited about this special boy. I can’t thank Tim Game enough for this opportunity-Dab is super special.

Wanda stepped down a grade from SIEC Spring Eventing as taking our fall on the flat made us not qualified for 4* at Canberra. Cruising around the 3* with a good test and clear in both jumping finished us in 9th!

I also rode Wasabi in the 3* as dad was already riding 4! Sushi, as she is known at home, is shaping up to be a lovely mare, I loved having the ride.

Right so the next show for me and my 2 Adelaide horses is Canberra show coming up next weekend. Then the week after that I’ll be heading to Albury for my last event before Adelaide! I’m planning on sticking to the same levels as Adelaide so I can practice the similar tests.

Again a shout out to my supporters and sponsors – Horseland and TRM. I should also mention mum and dad plus Dab’s owner Tim Game- Thank you for being part of my team.