Australia's Premier Equestrian Event
14 to 17 November 2019

Event Safety

Health Services

SA Sport Medicine Association (SASMA) will have a first aid post in Victoria Park beside the Main Arena on all 4 days of the Event and foot patrols available to assist you if needed.

SASMA been caring for the public  in need of medical support, at this event for the past 3 years, treating everything from blisters and motion sickness, to the more severe conditions of cardiac arrest; all in a professional manner and with the latest first aid techniques and equipment.

The Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event and all our competitors supporters and spectators thank SASMA  for their  expert care.


The Cross Country phase of the competition is one of the most popular with the public and the location of the Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event allows members of the public to get up close to all the action.

But with riders guiding their horses over the course at speeds up to 570 metres per minute and in many instances, due to the wooded nature of the parklands and the soft, leafy ground, it is very difficult to hear or see the horses coming until they are very close.
Riders rarely have time to stop their horse and must have a clear run at all times. For this reason, event organisers have created dozens of specifically designated and signposted public cross-overs where spectators may cross the track.

For the safety of horses, riders and spectators, it is vital that all spectators use the public cross-overs and do not cross the track anywhere else. Lane tape defines the track throughout the parks. Course Marshals will be positioned around the track to prevent breaches of the lane taping and signs will be erected at key points to direct pedestrians to the nearest cross-over point.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable event for all involved, please follow these simple rules:

  • DO NOT CROSS the lane tape at any time.
  • Only cross at the designated pedestrian cross-overs.
  • Observe the instructions of cross-over staff and course marshals.
  • Keep dogs on a short lead at all times.
  • Keep children under constant supervision
  • Avoid leaning out over the laning tape.


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