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18 to 21 November 2021

Meet our Eventing Insider!

Meet our Eventing Insider!

I would like to introduce myself, I will be blogging in the lead up to the Australian International 3 Day Event 2019. My name is Gemma Tinney and I would love to share with you my time growing up plus my achievements and experiences over the years.

As you already may know, I grew up in a very horsey family! With my parents being Stuart and Karen Tinney, there was lots of horse riding going on. I started riding when I was 4 in a local riding school. After a year or two, my sister Jaymee and I got our first pony called Snowy to share. Unfortunately, Snowy passed away at who knows what age!

Then came along Sly, an ex show pony from my godmother Cate Edwards. Sly was the slowest pony that ever lived! To then grow out of Sly very quickly and on to my sister’s pony Bluebell, who also came from Cate. Bluebell was by far the best pony ever! A 12.2 white Welsh Mountain Pony, she really put me on the map of riding – however, she could put her head down and have a buck! Bluebell gave me and Jaymee lots of ribbons in Eventing, Showjumping, and Sporting. Bluebell was my first official event horse, taking me to my first ever Event when I was 11 at SIEC 60cm.

Sadly I outgrew Bluebell but thinking she was going to live out the rest of her days retired at home, I let my young students ride her and yes, they absolutely fell in love with her. Still to this day at 34yo she lives down in Tasmania, still going to pony club/semi retired and not looking a day past 20! She will retire down there eventually with all the long green grass she could ever want!

My next superstar didn’t come straight away after Bluebell, there is too many to talk about them all! The amazing Murrabong Kinganui, a TB firstly leased for my sister Jaymee to ride, but then bought for me when my sister gave up riding for the HSC. Jaymee, at 16, rose to CCI** on him, with a Junior team win for NSW at Adelaide 3DE and 6th individual. My first ever win on King in Eventing I will never forget…. 1* (new) State Champion at Lynton Horse Trails Goulburn – this was to be the first of many wins in 1* and 2* (new). King went on to retire in our back paddock at 21. I didn’t get long with him, maybe just 2 years, but he taught me so much and yes still alive and loved!

My next horse was one of dad’s – My Thai was a 7yo TB who Dad thought would suit me, as he didn’t have time to ride him. Thai taught me a great deal being a XC machine! He took me around my first 3* (new). My time was also short with him, just under a year, to then be sold.

And now the amazing Anna! (Pluto Mio’s sister) what an incredible journey we’ve had. Owned by John & Jane Pittard and Stuart & Karen Tinney. Anna had been with dad for about 5 years. Qualified 5* with dad, she just wasn’t making the cut in dads te’am of horses. For those of you that don’t know Anna, she has lots of energy! Which means a lot of pre rides before her tests which Dad sadly didn’t have time for!  Mum and Dad thought it would be a great challenge/fit for me. They were right! What a challenge she’s been but a fantastic one! My first event on her 2016 SIEC midweek I came dead last in the 2* to then follow through to the weekend 3* to take out the win! It really didn’t take me long to click with her! Dad was surprised! Here are some of our results together over the last 3 years:

– Melbourne International CCI2* 1st
– Adelaide International 3DE CCI3* 3rd and 1st Young Rider
– Scone CCIs 3* 2nd
– Albury CCIs 3* 4th
– Sydney International CCIs 4* 8th
– Equestriad Aus Champs CCIs 4* 1st
– Melbourne International CCI-L 3* 2nd (Winner Young Rider Oceania AUS Team)
– Sydney CNC 4* 6th
– Sydney CNC 4* 3rd
– Equestriad CCIs 4* 3rd
– Melbourne International CCI-L 4* 3rd
– Tamborine International CCI-L 4* 2nd
– Australian International 3DE Adelaide CCI-L 5* 6th

What an incredible 3 years we’ve had! My first AUS team and my first ever 5* shared with this incredible mare. An opportunity which has been fully supported by John and Jane Pittard, Jane who bred both Pluto and Anna.


But now my plan for the year and Adelaide at the end of the year is definitely the goal! As Adelaide was so incredibly tough last year, I had a great time completing my first 5* however I have 2 new exciting horses coming through. Diabolo and Wasabi who are both currently at 3* level and I will be aiming both horses for the CCI-L 3*. Both horses are still green and would be a fantastic opportunity to get them out and see the real deal of eventing!

NEXT BLOG coming soon  – Gemma 😊