Australia's Premier Equestrian Event
18 to 21 November 2021

Parking and Road Closures


There are a number of UPark car parks in the CBD close to the event site, including Rundle Street, North Terrace and Frome Street. For more information about parking, and to see live availability of parking bays visit

UPark on Pirie/Flinders

$18 Early Bird (Mon-Fri)

$8 Flat rate after 6pm Monday – Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday

Casual Parking from $6.00 for 1hour

UPark on Frome Street  Open 24 hours

$16 Early Bird (Mon-Sat) or $15 online.

$8 Flat rate Sunday midnight -midnight or $7 online 

UPark on Rundle Street – 2 minute walk to Rundle Mall

$14 Early Bird (Mon-Sat) or $13 online

$8 Flat rate Sunday or $7 online

You can book online and save time at UBook@UPark

For more information on online bookings, UPark locations and opening hours, visit

Road Closures

The Cross Country phase of the 2019 Australian International 3 Day spreads across three of Adelaide’s famous parklands, necessitating the closure of some of roads to ensure a safe competition for both horses and spectators. On Saturday 16th November, both Wakefield and Bartels Roads will be closed from midnight to 11pm.