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18 to 21 November 2021

Spring Season!

Spring Season!

Well what a big month it’s been! Since my last update, there has been 2 events and a lot of training. Let’s start with Equestriad. I had 3 rides – Carly Sawyer’s Any Thyme in the 80cm, Michelle and Suntosha Barker’s Sphinx in the 2* plus Janelle Ravine’s Red Prince in the 1*. Big weekend of riding and very pleased with all 3 horses but no Adelaide horses in that lot!

Now onto Agnes Banks Equine Clinic Spring Classic, where I also had 3 rides: Wanda in the CCN4*, Tim Games and mum’s Diabolo in the CCN3* plus catch ride Tia Richardson’s Lethal Fantasy in the CCN1*. Very fortunately for me, Dad and I did a little swap where I got the ride on the amazing Wanda (mum and dad’s 4* horse) and he took the ride on Wasabi. Between dad and I, there is 8 horses to compete plus extra rides we pick up so there is a lot of horses and we tend to share a little more now.

Over the weekend I was extremely happy with how the horses went. Diabolo being the star of the show winning the CCN3*, Lethal Fantasy 10th and poor Wanda and I didn’t quite make it around the XC taking a small tumble on the flat around a slippery turn before fence 18. This being my first event on Wanda, I had a blast and what a great feeling she gave me around most of the course! She is such a great jumper and I already feel a partnership coming on! Will have to tell dad he isn’t getting this one back now I’ve had a ride – not sure how that will go!!

So what’s next? Canberra CCI in 2 weeks time where I will be riding Diabolo in his first 4*!! I’ll also have Wanda in the 4* and Wasabi in the 3*. Another busy weekend with my Adelaide hopefuls. In the mean time, the horses get 2 days off after a competition then I will be riding them 6 days a week in the lead up to Canberra.

So what you’re really wondering is who I’m taking to Adelaide in 9 weeks time. Well, the plan has slightly changed – I am now taking Diabolo in the CCI3*L and Wanda in the CCI4*S. How did this come about? Well dad is planning to ride 2 in the same class at Adelaide and to add 1 more is way too busy and hard! So lucky enough for me, I will be relieving him of a ride hence why I managed to get the ride on Wanda till then. May have been some sweet talking to do for Wanda, but I mastered it!

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