Australia's Premier Equestrian Event
18 to 21 November 2021

What is Eventing?

A formidable combination of Cross Country, Jumping and Dressage. Eventing is often known as the Triathlon of the equestrian world. A truly complete sport that tests both the horse and rider in all aspects of horsemanship, and one of the 3 Olympic disciplines.


Pryde’s Easifeed Dressage Day

Rhythm, elegance and refined control

The dressage phase is a test of elegance in motion, challenging horse and rider to complete a series of choreographed movements with both precision and flair. Riders must find a balance between expression and control to ensure their supremely fit mount remains calm and obedient.

Each movement is marked for accuracy, rhythm and expression, with a higher percentage equating to a lower score and a greater chance of winning. The world’s best win by “finishing on the dressage score”. This year the dressage will once again be held on Heritage Oval in front of Victoria Park’s beautifully renovated grandstand, with the City of Adelaide as a delightful backdrop.

Cross Country Day

Determination, courage and trust!

The Cross Country is the most exhilarating discipline of the three day event, requiring determination, courage and unfailing trust between horse and rider to clear one imposing obstacle after another during this long and gruelling phase. Comprising over 60 individually designed, handcrafted obstacles set on a 7000 metre irrigated track, the course winds its way from the Main Arena in front of the City of Adelaide Heritage Grandstand in Victoria Park, through the trees, creeks and lakes of the beautiful Adelaide East Parklands and offers spectators the ultimate equestrian viewing experience through three parks, to the SATC Welcome Home Keyhole back in Victoria Park main arena.

While riders have the chance to inspect the course in advance, the horses enjoy no such luxury – to successfully navigate these challenges, each will have to rely on their experience, creativity and courage, and above all their trust in one another, to get home safely within the given time limit.

Photo: Julie Wilson

Jumping Day

Nail-biting precision

The event culminates in the excitement of stadium jumping against the clock, where just one hoof put wrong can mean the difference between winning the biggest prize money for Eventing in the Southern Hemisphere and nothing….

Competing in reverse order of placing, horse and rider negotiate a twisting course of up to 14 obstacles as the clock ticks on, incurring penalties for dropped rails, refusals and run-outs. A single rail down adds four penalties to their score, if they drop two, it’s eight penalties. Many a rider who has been leading throughout the dressage and cross country phases has lost the competition with a stray rail or time penalties in the closing moments of the round. It is not until the final rider is through the finish flags that the winner is known, keeping spectators, competitors and commentators on their toes to the very end.